icon_embassies.gifNews Flash!!!
You are a senior member of the Canadian Government and you have just been named Ambassador. As such you will be asked to explore and examine some important global perspectives using various online newspapers.

Congratulations on your prestigious appointment!

What do you think might be some of the most important issues at this moment for the country where you will be Canada's new Ambassador?

Global Ambassador

In the next 31 minutes and 7 seconds...

1. Start with the online global newspapers - http://www.ipl.org/div/news or www.onlinenewspapers.com - and pick a newspaper from the country to which you have been named ambassador.
  • As you examine the online newspapers, you might find some of the 'resources' useful: translate, satellite maps, world time, currency converter and Canadian Embassies.

2. Pick two photographs that are being portrayed as newsworthy in the online newspaper.
  • Save these photographs to your desktop.

3. Go to the Wiki Sandbox and upload these two photographs into your space.

4. For each of the two photographs, type a short description of what you believe is being portrayed as noteworthy.
  • Why do you think the editors picked these images for the front page(s) of the online newspaper?
  • To what extent can you find a bias in the images or the headlines associated with the images?
  • Do other local and global newspapers have the same image or similar headlines? Why might this be? www.tenbyten.org